Our friend photographer and reporter Chris, The Adventurizer, travels the world to explore the most beautiful and exciting spots. Read his travel report of his trip to Scotland last winter below.

Slowly but surely we made our way to the top

We took it step by step. Every time I put one foot in front of the other the backpack felt a bit heavier and my upper legs started to burn even more than they already did. Since we planned to spend the night somewhere on the mountain, we had to take all camping gear in order to make the night somewhat more comfortable and even though it was only 2 pm I was already looking forward to dinner. And breakfast. Actually, anything food related sounded like heaven. Slowly but surely we made our way to the top, although we knew we couldn’t reach the actual summit without the proper alpine gear. Yes, we were prepared for a hike up the mountain. No, we were not prepared to do actual alpine climbing on top of a layer of 30-50 centimeters of frozen snow. Even though summit was impossible, the views we were rewarded with, made it all worthwile. Welcome to Scotland during wintertime.

After a comfortable boat ride we arrived in Newcastle upon Tyne – ready for a Scottish adventure and prepared for the cold winter nights (little did we know..). With a car full of camping gear, waterproof hiking boots strapped on and all camera batteries charged, there were only 800 kilometers between us and the beautiful Isle of Skye. Located in the North-West of Scotland this island offers the most stunning views, hikes and above all plenty of sheep. I present to you a winter road trip through Scotland.


In the South of Skye there are a few mountains to be found, containing the tallest mountains of the island.  Before arriving to Scotland we already decided to climb one of the mountains: it turned out Sgurr Alasdair was the lucky one. The beautiful thing about Scotland is that you can park your car in a random spot next to the road and just start your hike towards the area you’re aiming for. Even though we didn’t reach the summit, as written in the introduction of this story, a hike in such surroundings is always worth the effort. We even found a stunning 80 meters tall (a rough guess) waterfall we never heard of before. Read more at adventurizer.com

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