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Nieuw snelheidsrecord ter ere van haar moeder

Door: Pauline van der Waal

Emily Halnon, een 35-jarige Amerikaanse vrouw, heeft een nieuw snelheidsrecord gevestigd op een etappe van de beroemde Pacific Crest Trail. Dit langeafstandwandelpad loopt van Canada naar Mexico en beslaat in totaal 4286 kilometer. Emily rende de Oregon-etappe van 455 mijl (zo’n 730 kilometer) in zeven dagen. Ongelofelijk!

De aanleiding was overigens minder leuk. Emily’s moeder, zelf fanatiek hardloper, stierf eerder dit jaar aan de gevolgen van kanker. Emily rende ter ere van haar. Met haar tocht haalde ze ook nog eens $32.000,- op voor kankeronderzoek. Lees haar hele verhaal via Statesman Journal.

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I could not have run the 453 miles across Oregon without these two adorable, silly, and big-hearted boys. And holy cheezit, these PCT crew captains might've worked just as hard as this runner did. Ian gave ten million percent to this run. He started packing my bag and caffeinating me before I rolled out of bed each morning. He lanced gianormous blisters and peeled crusty socks off my battered feet. He hiked a jetboil into remote trail intersections, so he could make me trailside mashed potatoes and ramen. He massaged my calves in the wee hours of the night, as they zinged with restless fatigue from back-to-back-to-back 60 mile days. He drove approximately a million miles, to be at many road intersections with a buffet of snacks and an energetic display of support. He played all of the best dance anthems to send me off into the most tedious and trying stretches of trail: Robyn's Indestructible, Taylor Swift Shaking it Off, and Sofi Tukker everything. He wrangled crew and pacers like a world class cruise director. He ran with me through some of my lowest lows, like the 18 mile midnight march through the dusty burn zone outside Crater Lake. He hugged me as I got off the trail every night, which was always one of my hardest times of day. And cheered me onto the trail every morning, which was my other hardest time. He stayed amazingly positive and endlessly helpful throughout all 453 miles of running, despite being severely sleep deprived himself and riddled with all of the hurry-up-and-wait stress of crewing someone for 8 straight days. And he made me the most beautiful map of my run, because he is a very, very good cartographing boyfriend. (! –>) And Dilly. Dilly was there with a bottomless supply of puppy kisses. Because he's a very giving pickle. And the promise of his sloppy kisses at the end of every day definitely helped me keep putting one foot in front of the other all the way to Washington. If anyone knows how to thank a boyfriend and a pickle puppy for being so unbelievably incredible, please let me know. Because I definitely have a lot of gratitude sharing to do with these two amazing boys forever and ever. 🗺: @map_your_adventure 📷: Jon Meyers

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